The modern way to manage your money

Peniremit allows you to set aside money for regular spending, and instantly payout whenever you need it.

Create and manage payouts

Peniremit makes it an easy way to manage your money, optimize your spending and create a payout plan to achieve your goals.

Monitor your spending

Tracking money is not an easy thing to do. Peniremit allows you to do so by bringing all your expenses into a single place.

Keep focus on your money goals

Peniremit allows you to avoid unnecessary spending on items and services that do not help achieve your financial objectives. If you are working with limited resources, Peniremit makes it easier to make ends meet.

Achieve more with Peniremit


Unnecessary spending is sometimes difficult to prevent. Peniremit makes it possible to budget, lock and only get a specific amount of your money according to how you need it.

Recurring transfer

The recurring payment functions of Peniremit allow you to set up a daily, weekly, bimonthly, or monthly payment of money to any Nigerian bank account.

Cash allocation

With the Peniremit recurring payment feature, you can easily allocate money to your friends and family at the same time without the worry of needless spending.


At Peniremit, we take the security of your personal information very seriously. Peniremit uses world-class encryption, and adheres to the same procedures and standards used by banks.

Your money is safe and secure. No one can touch your money. We leverage Flutterwave's infrastructure to process our payments and all funds are managed by a financial institution.

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